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Do you ship internationally?


What size do I need?

If you have not yet deciphered our encryption algorithm for sizing then please reference our strategy guide on t-shirt care and sizing instructions. It's the real deal!

Why can't I checkout?

If you're having trouble checking out please double check your billing address and make sure it matches the address your bank or credit card has on file. If the addresses do not match the order will not go through.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for the following items.  If you are wondering why, it's because we do not ship these items from our warehouse, they are fulfilled through a third party. However, if the item is defective, damaged or lost in route, we will replace it at no extra charge. return policy.

I have a t-shirt idea, can I share it with you?

You sure can and if we end up using it send you a free shirt. Interested? Contact us!

What software do you use to run the site?

We run our store on Shopify. We created the theme using the timber framework.

Are you guys programmers?

Yep we sure are programmers. We are mostly self taught warlocks, no Linus Torvalds in this group. Just a few guys who love to code and want to share the love.

What are your favorite programming languages?

There are some amazing programming languages out in the wild. We have collectively programmed in most of the popular languages. However our list is short and consists of C++, Python and PHP. 

Still not finding what you are looking for? It's cool, just contact us and the magic of the internet will guide us to you.