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About Us

Hello, we are codeAddict, a group of mortals from planet earth. We love to code, we love STEM, we love video games, we love Star Wars, we love SETI, we love Steven Hawking and we love to code...wait we said that one already. We are also heavily focused, maybe even obsessed, with creating and providing unique, high quality apparel for the programming community and beyond. At codeAddict we sell unique programming t-shirts and gifts for all code lovers and addicts a like. Whether you CSS or C++ we have some original gear for your inventory.

Our Definition of a codeAddict

A codeAddict is one who is obsessed with code. It means staying up all night hopped on nothing but the thrill of the code. You eat, sleep and dream code. Through code, we can achieve technological greatness!

Are You a codeAddict?

Here is quick test to see if you are a codeAddict:

  1. Do you code more than 40 hours in a week?
  2. Have you stayed up for more than 24 hours coding?
  3. Have you solved a bug or an algorithm in your dreams?
  4. Have you put in ridiculous hours in a computer science lab?
  5. Are you a self taught code ninja, warlock or programmer?
  6. Have you ever said or thought, “just one more line”?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions then welcome, you are in the right place. Check out our codeAddict products.

Share the Love and Donate

Code is awesome and whether you are code addict, code poet, code cowboy, code wrangler, code tester, code ninja, or just a straight up programmer! We can all agree that code creates wondrous advancements and the means to forge new ideas. That's why we also like to give back to what we love. We want others to know the sorcery of code and may they also find the love. codeAddict donates a minimum of 10% of every sale to We also donate to the Python Software Foundation.


If you do not already give back we suggest donating to charities that help the cause, like Other donating ideas include donating to the open source language that you use, donating to a Computer Science scholarship or donating to a STEM program like the Math + Science Initiative.

Our Story and Our Promise

We hail from the sandy shores of Santa Barbara, California, what some call Silicon Beach. We are not by any means the greatest programmers that ever lived nor have we solved earthly problems with code. However we love to code and we support what we love.  Our promise and CONSTANT to you is simple. You will get nothing but the best quality from our products and from our support warlocks. We are talking only epics and up, K?!?!

Want to contact us directly, then just send a message to our support warlocks or connect with us on social media.