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Our Queen, Ada Lovelace

Posted by Warlock Nait on

Ada Lovelace Programmer

Considering that the majority of programmers in the world are men, you would think the first programmer to ever exist was, well, a man. Well, this is completely false, there is only one queen in the world of programming and her name is Ada Lovelace. Chances are you don´t believe a word of what I´m saying. That´s irrelevant because this goddess was the first woman (and person) to create an algorithm to be executed by a machine. Unfortunately, the machine she was creating with Charles Babbage was never finished, so her code was never tested. Most of us would probably pay a fortune to see that code in action. This woman inspired millions of people to enter the world of programming, so she deserves an appropriate tribute.

If you think about it now, it´s incredibly easy to code. Before you stab me with a lightsaber, let me explain what I mean when I say this. Imagine having to code in the year 1815 (the year our beloved Ada Lovelace was born) with no fancy Macbooks or window surfaces, just a piece of paper and a lot of horrifying numbers. Pretty difficult right? This is why we have to give a lot of credit to Ada, as she did what we wouldn´t be able to do. Not even in a million years.

It´s one thing comparing her to programmers from these days, but just imagine comparing her to the people of that age. Just think about it, when she was creating this glorious algorithm which was supposed to be used in Charles Babbage´s machine, most of the people around her were probably milking their cows, or getting married at the age of 5 (OK, maybe not that early, but they did get married incredibly young). Instead of wasting her time on pointless things like love or cows, she was creating something that would change the game forever. Aside from all the marvelous inventors of that era, people were pretty useless in those times, always fighting over silly things and dying at the age of 20 (OK, maybe not that young, but they died pretty young).

Putting comparisons aside, we need to take a moment to think about the amazing contribution that Ada has made to humanity. Apart from being completely badass compared to the people of that period, she inspired millions of people to get into the programming world. Most importantly, she is the living proof that this is not just a man´s job, girls can program too. Not only that, but girls can be just as proficient as some men are. Ada Lovelace has shown that excelling at this beautiful job has nothing to do with gender.

Did you know that there even is a programming language named after her? It is called ADA and was developed by the United States Department of Defense to be used in critical situations. Furthermore, the military standard for this language was named after the year she was born: MIL-STD-1815. As you can see, this girl has made a major impact, not just on programmers like you and me and the world of programming, but on the government as well.

I reckon this girl should get more recognition than she she gets currently. If only people knew that every time they opened a website, saw a YouTube video that involved cat or cruised on Facebook, it’s all because of the efforts of Ada Lovelace and the other great pioneers of that age. Our queen Ada has indeed opened a magnificent world to us, and we must be grateful for what she has done. On behalf of the entire programming community, I say All Hail Queen Ada!

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