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codeAddict's Force Friday T-Shirt Sale is on!

Posted by Warlock Nait on

I am not sure if you heard but codeAddict is the official t-shirt sponsor of the First Order! Ok maybe not, but we are huge Star Wars fans. So in celebration of Force Friday we are dropping prices this weekend to save you money.

codeAddict is giving you 60% off of our programmer t-shirts starting today and through the weekend.  Look, you can easily spend $16 on a few drinks, or you can take advantage of this sweet t-shirt sale and have years of fulfillment. You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to understand this great deal either.

Programming T-Shirts & Gifts

At codeAddict we offer super soft unisex t-shirts for seasoned programmers, up-and-coming coding newbs or humans in search of geeky gifts. We also offer a few extras, like coffee mugs, hatspillows and posters. Our promise and CONSTANT to you is simple. You will get nothing but the best quality from our products and from our support warlocks.

Giving Back

Computer Science is an amazing field and has been good to us. We have decided that not only are we selling you super soft programming t-shirts, we also wanted to raise money for Computer Science. Computer Science creates wondrous advancements and the means to forge new ideas. We will do our part to give back and raise awareness to an awesome field, that we feel is the future! 

What our customers have to say

Below are just a few reviews from our codeAddict customers.

  • "Ordered my shirt last week and it was here in about 2-3 business days. The shirt fits perfectly and is clearly made from some high quality material."
  • "Free shipping, came fast and the shirts are really soft!"
  • "My husband is a programmer and I bought this as a gift for his birthday. He loves his shirt and always gets comments on it when we are out. I love it as well, easy to wash and doesn't shrink too much when put in the dryer."

This is the sale you've been looking for! Grab a few shirts save some extra cash for those new Star Wars toys and get coding, codeAddicts!

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